Exkluzivní rozhovor s norskou bloggerkou Martine Rodland Egeland

Připravila Annette Krubner: Martine Rodland Egeland. Je ctí zveřejnit rozhovor s úspěšnou norskou
bloggerkou, která ochotně odpověděla na otázky. Rozhovor je v angličtině – ale to není
pro vás novinka, protože rozhovory se zahraničními osobnostmi jsou často v magazínu
cizojazyčně. Martine má uchvacující fotky, přesný skandinávský styl – proto jsme si ji
nemohli nechat ujít a požádali jsme ji o rozhovor. Myslím, že se můžete dočíst velmi
zajímavé odpovědi.

Why did you initially decide to start a blog?
Two of my best friends almost forced me into making my own blog. I actually didn’t
want to, but they persuaded me! Today I’m veeery happy they did!
What is the story behind your blog´s title? Why its called ” Explode ” ?
It’s totally random. I didn’t decide myself, this was also my friends work! We tried to
make a title with my name, but everything was taken. I think ”explode” is cool and a bit
unike, and it stands out. So I’m glad we picked it.


How would you describe your style?
Hm, hard one.. I love black! So that’s a color I wear very often! It also fit to everything.
A little rocky style I would say. I like clothes that stand out, and not everyone on the
street has. I don’t wanna look like everyone else, so I try to make my own style. And I
really think that it is better to stand out and wear something someone maby would call
”weird”, then wear something everyone is wearing.

Who are your favourite fashion designers?
Hm, I don’t know.. Donatella Versace, Stella McCartney?
Who inspires your wardrobe and why?
Fanny Lyckman (http://blog.nelly.com/fannylyckman/ ) and Angelica Blick
(http://nyheter24.se/modette/angelicablick/) They are both to amazing bloggers with
such an unike style! I really love them both, and visit their blogs many times at day.

What are your
favourite personalz
blogs? Why?
because she is such an
beautiful and smart girl
with strong opinions,
because she makes me
smile, noralba.blogg.no
because I love to look
at her beautiful face
and inspiring pictures +
the blogs above.
Where are your
favourite places to
shop? Can you tell
me in which shops
you shopping?
I’m not the person who
use a lot of money on
clothes. I don’t use a
special brand or
something. I shop on
the reagulare stores.
Bik bok, H&M, Gina
Tricot and so on!

Are there any trends
you are particularly
inspired by this
A bit simple. Worn
clothes with rivets.
Big tops and short
shorts! Big tops and
narrow jeans.

What beauty product
can you not live
Haha, my lip balm or
my powder from

You have the best style which I see ever! Your hair and make-up is always the
best! Can you reveal your cosmetics trick?
I try to make my makeup look a bit dramatic but still natural. I like big eyes, so I use
black eyeliner so my eyelashes look longer and stronger! Otherwise it’s not much I do, I
don’t feel that I do something special with my face or with my hair. To me it look just
the same as everyone else.